Roche Futures Investment Managers

Established and Proven Track Record

Roche Futures Investment Managers is an independent fund management business within the Roche Futures Capital Group .

England based with a global outlook, Roche Futures Investment Managers is operating since 1996. The Roche Futures Managed Fund is the Number 63 performing global multi asset fund (Equities, Bonds, Alternatives, Property and Cash) in the U.k  and Irish market over the past 10 years.

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Fund Choice

We offer a full suite of funds across:

  • Multi-asset
  • Equities
  • Fixed Income
  • Cash
  • Absolute return funds.

Client Base

We manage assets on behalf of:

  • Life companies
  • Semi-state companies
  • Private sector companies
  • High net worth
  • Charities
  • Religious orders

Process-based investing:

Our range of funds are all managed through our robust and proven three pillar investment process – based on Macro, Valuation and Technical analysis.


Macroeconomic Analysis:

Focuses on broad economic themes such as the inter-related effects of economic growth, interest rate and currency market movements. The focus is on identifying the key drivers of economic activity.


Valuation Analysis:

Initially compares the extent of the excess return that should be available for risk assets such as equities compared to inflation protected bonds. We also consider the valuation of the major asset classes relative to history. Then within equities we analyse their valuation both in absolute and relative terms based on various valuation measures such as price to earnings, price to book value, enterprise value to sales and cashflow return on invested capital. We also take account of industry (or regional) restructuring, long term capital investment trends, demographics and social or technological developments when searching for factors which might result in sustainable outperformance of an industry, region or stock.

Technical Analysis:

Involves the study of price movements and momentum of markets, sectors and stocks to inform the timing of our
investment decisions.


Security of Assets:

Roche Futures Investment Managers does not physically hold any of the client assets that we manage.  Instead they are held by an independent custodian (or the clients own choice of custodian).

This provides our clients with a far greater level of security than many other investment managers where the client assets and the investment manager’s own assets are held under the same roof.