Designed for high-frequency, low-latency performance, Roche Futures is optimized for buy-side and sell-side institutions, including traders, banks, broker-dealers, prime brokers, and money managers.

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Liquidity Providers

The Roche Futures ECN platform offers direct access to Tier 1 liquidity from all major money center banks. Gain instant, low-cost Straight-Through Processing (STP) of your orders at razor-thin spreads, as well as powerful trading features unmatched by any other FX platform on the market. Get real-time executable streaming quotes from more than 50 liquidity providers for over 80 global currency pairs and metal, energy and CFD products.

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Hosted in a dedicated facility at Equinix NY4, the Roche Futures platform runs on a fully redundant, carrier-class IT infrastructure for always-on availability. Hot-swap features on critical network servers and network infrastructure mean that Roche Futures is never taken out of service. Full redundancy combined with hot backup in Silicon Valley and a network footprint in Asia make data instantly recoverable if necessary. You get continuous, reliable performance for maximum trading performance.

Roche Futures  enables high-velocity trading with lightning-fast speed. Liquidity providers cross-connect to the Roche Fx Cloud server grid through dedicated dark fiber. By eliminating Internet transport, Roche Futures reduces round-trip trade time to sub-1ms with 480-Gbps throughput. We easily process thousands of orders concurrently and more than half a million orders per day.

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The powerful Roche Futures matching engine works as an ECN, representing each trader’s order in the inter-bank market to match with the best liquidity available. Roche Futuers has access to several superior liquidity sources that are not available to the public market. Our unique algorithm can find this hidden liquidity, enabling traders to improve pricing on large orders.

Artificial intelligence provides Straight-Through Processing (STP) of orders without human intervention for instant, low-cost execution. Roche Futures STP optimizes trading decisions across all markets by locating maximum liquidity, discovering price improvement, and minimizing market impact.