Market orders

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If you don't want to make an immediate transfer and you think the market exchange rate for your currency will improve you can easily attempt to achieve a better exchange rate with a market order.


Target a rate that’s not currently available in the market with our expert help

We offer two types of market order:


A limit order


This allows you to set an exchange rate above the current market level at which, once reached, you will automatically buy (or sell) your currency.


Limit orders are useful if you have upcoming payments but are not restricted by tight deadlines and therefore have time to try and achieve a better exchange rate.


A stop loss order


Stop loss orders let you set a minimum exchange rate at which you would be willing to trade.

You set an exchange rate lower than the current market level which, if reached, you will automatically buy (or sell) your currency.


Stop loss and limit orders are often run together. This enables you to aim for a favorable exchange rate, whilst ensuring that, should the markets turn against you, you don’t lose out. At the moment your stop loss or limit order is triggered, the other is immediately cancelled.



Market order example: exchanging £100,000 into euros

roche futures

Indicative rates only. The rates shown are examples and whilst reflective of rates Roche Futures offers, do not guarantee rates you may receive.