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About Our Team

Our team’s backgrounds include experienced careers in a wide array of industries to leverage various competencies and provide broad market coverage. Let our decades of working knowledge serve you as we seek to build a successful strategic relationship.

Our talented researchers hail from all corners of the globe to provide you with market expertise. We spend countless hours recruiting the foremost specialists in fields including financial services, banking, agriculture, mining and minerals, and weather.

Roche Futures provides top quality execution conditions for institutional market participants. With an agency business model, we pass 100% of client position exposures through to our liquidity partners, including some of the top global banking institutions. Using the cutting-edge Roche FX Cloud liquidity aggregation system, we receive consistently tight spreads, achieving a rejection rate of less than 1%.

Roche FX Cloud enables institutional market participants to route orders anonymously on aggregated streaming quotes. Using an algorithmic order routing and execution system, Roche FX Cloud delivers the next generation in clean, transparent liquidity for Forex and CFD brokerage firms and multi-asset money managers.

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The company traces its origins back to 2003 when it released the Inter Bank online trading platform. It was a truly revolutionary new product on the specialized Forex broker software market, and compared favorably with expensive and inefficient products of its competitors. Convenience, rich functionality, high operating speed and reasonable price were the key competitive advantages of Inter Bank. These are the core values that have served the company since its inception and continue to serve as the guiding principles today.

The success of Inter Bank exceeded all expectations, and the company got its first clients pretty soon. But this was only the beginning. After the trading platform quickly became a success, the company started to receive feedback from the clients. On the whole, the platform gained wide appreciation, although there were both complaints and constructive suggestions. And shortly thereafter, the developers embarked on a new project - the RFGQ Interbank trading platform.


The new platform was written from scratch and differed from its predecessor in its higher functionality and total optimization. The Platform was designed not only for Fx, but also for the CFD (Contract for Difference) market. In addition to this, the new client terminal was supplied with a built-in language for programming trading strategies.

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Louis Roche CEO