Portfolio Management

Building and managing a portfolio requires significant time and knowledge. We believe that active asset allocation is as important to delivering returns as picking individual securities. This is why we offer a range of Multi Asset portfolios as well as our Direct Equity Portfolios.

We offer a fully managed Discretionary Portfolio Service, where we will build and run a personalised portfolio on your behalf.

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For clients who wish to retain control over their investment decisions, our Advisory Portfolio Service offers the same level of insight and recommendations as our Discretionary Portfolio Management Service, however any transactions and changes will only be undertaken with your complete agreement.

Whether you decide to avail of our Discretionary or Advisory Portfolio Service, you get the benefit of our tried and trusted approach to Investment Management.  We use macro economic analysis, technical analysis and valuation analysis combined with rigorous bottom up fundamental analysis in order to make an investment selection in line with our investment objective and which is subject to ongoing risk management.

Each investment strategy has a clear objective which drives the decisions made throughout the process. We believe that having a clear investment objective is crucial for the manager to make the best decisions for clients.

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Technical Analysis

We use technical analysis as an approach to identifying entry and exit points for investment positions, in combination with other tenets of our investment process. We believe that history can have a habit of repeating itself so analysing the impact of the past can improve future performance.

Valuation Analysis

We employ a range of valuation models to identify what we believe is fair value for a company. This process allows us to generate a margin of safety between the current market price of a company and what we believe the company is worth. We believe in not overpaying for assets and are only willing to make investments when there is a meaningful difference between the current value of a company and what we believe it to be worth.


Risk Management

Understanding the inherent risks involved in investing is of the utmost importance. We deploy a range of risk measurement tools, in real-time, to ensure each of our strategies remain within our agreed frameworks. We believe effective and robust risk management both, in the run up to, and during the investment selection and monitoring phases, are critical to consistently generating strong investment performance.



Bottom up fundamental analysis

Each potential investment candidate is examined on a case by case basis. We extensively research each company’s business model and operations in addition to building relationships with the management team where possible to gain an understanding of what drives them to achieve success and generate value. We believe that a solid understanding of how a business is run and what drives the people running them, is essential to identifying successful investments.

Macro economic Analysis

We examine and analyse what is taking place on a global basis with a specific focus on economic developments. We believe that in order to successfully select investments, it is necessary to assess the macro environment as every company is impacted by external forces.